Email in any business is one of the primary communication tools in use. It's robust, convenient, easy to deploy and it's mobile.

Mobility is key and Exchange mail options provide all of the mobilty you need. not only is your mail synchronised in real time, so are your contacts, calendars and tasks. No matter where you are, if you have mobile or wireless access to the Internet, then you also have all of your key business tools with you as well.

Email is ubiquitous but it can also be one of the biggest security threats to your organisation.

Because email is so popular, it is also the target of unscrupulous activity, leaving your business at risk of viruses, spam or trojan horses, all of which can be extremely costly to business or erode your credibility.

Thankfully, the options and tools available for managing email in the business environment have greatly improved and the risks of compromises to your email security have been greatly reduced.

The best and most secure email solutions involve having your email scanned and checked off-premise before even entering your network. These solutions ensure that your systems and your staff are protected from email security risks.

Whether you opt for a fully hosted email solution, or choose a hosted email security solution, inCloud Solutions can help you design the safest and most secure email solution for your business.

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