Your business depends on data and information for it to both survive and prosper. You need historical records for taxation compliance, current information to support your daily trading activities as well as perpetual business records to make decisions about the future, including the sale of your business to other potential investors.

Your business needs information to survive and you spend a lot of money collecting it, so why not protect it securely?


 Cloud storage is a secure storage medium that is infinitely scalable and can offer the protection that your business needs. Cloud storage can also take many forms, depending on your business requirements. inCloud Solutions can deliver the right solution for your business critical information.

File Storage

File storage is a basic business necessity, and we never seem to have enough. Businesses today are gathering more and more information electronically and multimedia is increasingly forming a part of it, so you need lots of it. We can offer a secure and scalable option to store and manage all of your business critical information.

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File Collaboration

Collecting information is one thing, sharing and having efficient access wherever you are is another. Whether you’re in the office, on the road or providing flexible work arrangements for your staff, we can provide the perfect solution for information sharing and collaboration in your business.

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Backup your information simply and reliably with a cloud backup solution. Cloud backup ticks all the boxes of security, reliability and off-site storage. From basic PC backup to a fully monitored solution, we can design the right backup solution for your business that takes the hassle out of backup and provide the business critical safety net.

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