What is the Cloud?

stock_FileSharing.jpgThe cloud and the services that surround it have developed as an extension of the Internet. As Internet speeds have increased and technology has improved, so have the opportunities. No longer are businesses dependent upon large capital investments in hardware and technology specialists.

No longer are small businesses precluded from accessing the same technologies and business tools that were once only accessible to large organisations.  Businesses of any size can take advantage of what the cloud has to offer at a price that is affordable to everyone.

Is the cloud secure? This is always the first question asked by any business. 

Business-grade cloud services and data centres are extremely safe and secure. When comparing the cloud to the security of a typical SMB’s on-premise server—which are often kept under a desk or other unlocked and unprotected facility—cloud services are a far more secure option.

stock_CloudBackup.jpgWhen it comes to back-up, cloud-based solutions are a cost-effective option to keep important data securely stored in a location other than the office. When considering possible disasters such as a fire or flood, as well as break-ins, the cloud is a safe and reliable option.

Managing servers and systems is more than just the physical control. It’s also about ensuring data privacy and security, protecting data from theft, loss and corruption from intrusions such as spam and viruses, and providing back-up and recovery services.

Through a secure, business-grade cloud, businesses will receive cloud solutions with an array of security controls, including encryption, intrusion and malware detection systems, as well as utilization of redundant systems to back up primary resources in case of failure. These levels of protection will address the customer’s data privacy, security and compliance needs when transitioning their business communications to the cloud.

CloudSecurityAlliance.jpgAs the cloud has developed, so have the regulatory controls. Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing.  The Australian Chapter began operation in 2012 adding a voice to the Asia-Pacific region.